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What is Thermal Spray Coating & How is the coating formed and how does it work?


The microstructures of thermally sprayed deposits are ultimately based on the solidification of many individual molten droplets. A splat results when a droplet of molten material, tens of micrometers in diameter, melted in the arc, strikes a surface, flattens out and solidifies. The collection of these splats forms the deposit. There are numerous considerations relative to the dynamics of deposit evolution during thermal spraying

The physical aspects of splat formation deals with the spreading of the molten droplet, interactions with the substrate, etc. These characteristics are affected by the temperature of the splat, the splat viscosity, surface tension, as well as other considerations. Splat morphology will depend on a variety of things, the most important of which are particle velocity, temperature, diameter and substrate surface profile

Further considerations involve the physical properties of the splat, which deal with cooling rate, solidification criteria, nucleation and growth of crystals, phase formation, etc. The above aspects of splat formation and solidification are complex and interrelated. Generally it can be said that when the parameters are such that as the particle velocity increases, the porosity decreases.


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About us

Metal Spray Coating is a company created to serve the North American, Central American & South American markets and provide them with Thermal Spray non-ferrous wires for corrosion protection and ferrous wires manufactured with the latest technology. Our technology includes anodic protection that seals and protects surfaces from corrosive elements.
Engineering applications that undergo surface spray welding and that can be used in conjunction with sealers and coatings for added lasting protection from wear & abrasion. We have different machines for every need and a range of thermal spray metallizing wires and soldering.
Our company is located in the state of Florida USA to serve the US market and for strategic logistics reasons to service the South American Market; we can deliver by sea freight or airfreight to South America and therefore offer a faster delivery and lower transportation costs.
Our Mission is to advise and recommend to our customers the best equipment and wires to fit their needs and obtain the best result possible in their thermal spray applications.


  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Industrial Hardfacing
  • Iron Base Hardfacing Alloys
  • Copper Base Alloys
  • Iron Base Alloys
  • Nickel Base Alloys
  • Thermal Spray Powders


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